I began my banking career as a teller at my local community bank. I knew then banking was my future.

I joined the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City as an assistant bank examiner after graduating from Oklahoma State University with honors. Regulation always intrigued me – especially in my studies while attaining my business finance degree.

After many exams and countless trips across America examining banks, I became a commissioned bank examiner for the Federal Reserve. At that time, I came to a true appreciation and desire for developing and maintaining healthy regulatory relationships with the banks we examined – and helping those banks.

What I’ve learned is that community bankers wear a lot of hats. I was no exception when I rejoined my local community bank shortly after the 2008 financial collapse. During this time, I served on the board of directors, as the chief credit officer, ALCO chairman, and compliance officer. I experienced the windfall of regulatory change and its impact on community banks over the past decade. I remember working all day trying to serve customers, and sacrificing evenings and weekends figuring out how to meet the demands of the changing regulatory landscape.

I realized that my best contribution to the community banking industry would be to take weight off of bankers’ shoulders. My hope was that I could create a team dedicated to help you maintain your sanity, perform better, and have an ideal work/life balance.

The first day I set foot in a community bank, I saw the struggles they face. I liked that I could help them.

I decided to change my career path when the economy took a dive. I discovered compliance auditing, and I’ve never looked back. I enjoy rolling with the punches, so the challenge of an ever-changing environment is ideal for me. My other love in this career is empowering community banks. I realized early on that community banks struggle to allocate the funds and resources necessary for staff and tools to comply and compete with larger banks. That’s when it became rewarding to walk alongside the clients, build relationships, and make the seemingly impossible become possible.

I have served as a compliance officer for community banks; a compliance auditor specializing in deposits, lending, and BSA; and a compliance consultant. I’m also the wife of a community bank president and mother to seven (as well as a grandma, which is my new favorite hobby!)