We like simple. Simple answers. Simple solutions that your employees can implement.

We help you overcome the “too big to fail” regulation biases built for large banks. Regulation isn’t simple – it makes banking big and complex by creating thousands of pages of fine print and robust rules. Fortunately, we know the playbook. In addition to being bankers, most of our team have regulatory experience so we can help “call the plays” that you and your employees execute to manage your regulatory risk.

Our approach is simple. Banks, like all businesses, fit into three categories:

High performers, the status quo, and the underachievers.

Our team of advisors has worked with hundreds of banks all across the country. We have seen the good, the bad, and the average. So whether you are a top performer looking to maintain strong performance or your typical community bank trying to keep up with a rapidly changing competitive environment and increasing regulatory oversight, chances are we can help you achieve your desired results. Our experience is your advantage.

It’s important for you to know our core values…

Successful and meaningful partnerships start with understanding common ground. We work to earn your trust in the following manner.


You can count on us to give reliable answers and advice to your questions – and to always be there to help.


We have a relentless focus and commitment to being risk-focused. Sorting through regulations and legalities is exhausting.


There’s no better feeling than knowing you have a friend in your corner. We’re responsive to your needs – and quick in doing so.


We’re not going to suggest tactics and techniques that are outside of your skill set or not cost-effective. We make recommendations that make sense.

I understand you have my best interests in mind, what now?

Working with Community Bank Advisors is easy. We’ve outlined the 5 steps to connecting here.

1. Give us a call, or send an email, or send us an SOS signal!

2. We listen first and then ask questions. We know we have to understand your true needs in order to give you the best solutions.

3. We match up your needs with our team of experts. We'll pair you up with the expert in that field.

4. With your help, we map out your picture of success. Envisioning the end result helps us both stay on your path to success.

5. We believe in working smarter, not harder. Banking is hard enough - by working with you to find practical and efficient ways to make banking easier we can offer you real relief.