Community Bank Advisors can help banks in a variety of ways. To understand how our advisors can help your bank, we’ve broken our service offerings into the categories by which banks are judged – the CAMELS Rating System.


  • Capital Planning
  • Capital Policy Review
  • Capital Stress Testing
  • Valuation of Bank Stock

Asset Quality

  • External Loan Review
  • Loan Portfolio Stress Testing
  • ALLL Model Validation
  • Loan Policy Review
  • Cash Flow Analysis Training
  • Credit Memo Development and Tracking
  • Classified Asset Tracking
  • Documentation Exception Training

  • Credit Administration Training
  • Credit Risk Assessments
  • Concentration Monitoring
  • Loan Committee Structure Review
  • CECL Implementation
  • HVCRE Tracking
  • Credit Analysis on Municipal Bonds
  • Appraisal Review


  • Strategic Planning
  • Management and Board Succession Planning
  • Enterprise Risk Management Program
  • Board Packet Review

  • Director Training
  • Strategic Risk Assessment
  • Management Studies
  • Audit Tracking Reports


  • Budgeting
  • Profit Improvement Planning
  • Efficiency Studies
  • Incentive Compensation Plan Development


  • Contingency Funding Planning
  • Liquidity/Funding Policy Review
  • ALM Policy Review
  • Independent Review of Liquidity Risk

  • Liquidity Risk Assessment
  • Cash Flow Projection Model and Training
  • ALCO Packet Review
  • Wholesale Funding Analysis

Sensitivity to Market Risk

  • Independent Review of Interest Rate Risk
  • Review IRR Model Assumptions and Backtesting
  • Interpret IRR Model Results
  • ALM Policy Review
  • Investment Policy Review
  • Interest Rate Risk Assessment

  • Interest Rate Risk Training
  • Non-Maturity Deposit Stress Testing
  • ALCO Packet Review
  • Investment Portfolio Management Review
  • Credit Analysis on Municipal Bonds

Don’t see the service you need?

If your bank has a problem that you aren’t sure how to fix, chances are we have seen it and can help. If your special project is within our skill set, we’ll go to work for you. If not, we’ll point you in the direction of a trustworthy industry professional.