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About Community Bank Advisors

We value relationships. We will conduct ourselves in a professional manner and always operate with integrity. Our number one responsibility is to make sure you are prepared for your next exam. Sometimes we may tell you things you don’t want to hear, but need to hear them. Better it come from us than the examiners. We won’t tell you the problem without also offering a solution. We believe in open and direct communication. We want to have a mutual understanding of each other’s expectations to ensure a successful and long-standing relationship. We try to keep everything we do simple. You are busy enough trying to deal with customers and regulators so your auditors and consultants should not add to your headaches. We leverage technology to the best extent possible, but never to get in the way of the relationship.

Whether you are looking for an advisor to be in your corner or the loan review your bank needs, CBA is here when you need us.


Employing the complete array of talent needed to make a community bank run smoothly is nearly impossible. What if you had a relationship with an organization that could bring serious talent to the table? What if you knew a group that could make banking…simpler?



Loan quality drives the performance of the bank, and nothing can break the bank faster than bad loans and large provision expense. Internally identifying loans before they become a problem will lead to fewer losses and happy board members and regulators. So schedule an external loan review performed by our team of former regulators and bankers. You’ll sleep easier at night…we promise.



Banks are in the game of managing risk. How successfully you manage that risk will determine your profitability and long-term viability. Our passion to help banks manage risk in the most practical and efficient manner. You don’t always have to work harder, sometimes you can work smarter. Check us out for all the ways we can help you identify, measure, monitor and control all the risks affecting your bank.


Benefits of Working with CBA

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