Exam Readiness Checklist

Over the past few months, we’ve been visiting banks across the nation. One of the tools we’re using is this interactive Examination Readiness Checklist that allows banks to quickly assess where they stand.

How often have things crept up that you weren’t expecting? This checklist is designed to give you a quick assessment and can be an eye-opener. If you aren’t secure about a “Yes” answer in any segment, a member of the Community Bank Advisor team will be there to help.

Do you have any ideas on other tools or ideas on how we can help your bank assess its current standing? We’d love to talk. Contact us here.

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Stress Testing: A Practical Guide to Getting Started

We prepared this “Stress Testing: A Practical Guide to Getting Started” document for a presentation at a banking conference. We thought you might want to download to understand some of the terms, types of loan pools, and much more. If you need help stress testing – we’re always just a phone call away.

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White Paper: Is Your External Loan Review Identifying Emerging Risks in Your Portfolio?

You don’t want just anyone looking at your loans. Experience matters. Our team of loan review experts will help ensure your bank’s loan grading practices are accurate and effective. And we will do it in a timely and cost-effective manner. We outline what we believe is effective loan review practices in this popular white paper.

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White Paper: Three Reasons You Need an Interest Rate Risk Independent Review

Interest rates are changing now, and it’s time for community banks to take note. In the long stretch of time where there were no rate changes, regulators and banks alike looked past the requirement that banks have an independent review of Interest Rate Risk (IRR). That’s why we came up with this white paper to give you more insight.

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White Papers: Understanding Your Options for CECL Compliance

Some banks are turning to expensive software models to become CECL Compliant. Others are procrastinating until the December 2021 deadline. You can get a head start by reading this white paper.

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